What Can You Do To Help?
Each child receiving speech and language services will be working on individualized goals.  Be sure to ask you child's speech therapist how you can help with specific goals.  The following are some more general tips:

  • Talk clearly and model good language for your child
  • If your child makes an error, you can gently model the correct way to say the word or sentence
  • Get your child talking--ask about school, homework, recess, friends...start with "Tell me about..."
  • Read with your child or discuss books with your child.  Take note of pictures, WHO is in the story, What is going on in the story, WHERE does the story take place, WHEN does the story take place, HOW DO the characters feel, and WHY are they doing what they are doing...
  • Play word games with your child or talk about vocabulary from homework assignments
  • Look at pictures in magazines and discuss
  • Play board games that involve taking turns
  • Play 20 Questions