Transforming TV into Talking Time
Here are some great ideas for turning television time into a talking time. These ideas are adapted from Communication Skill Builders Parent Articles (1988). Use the following activities with your child before, during or after watching a television program.

  • Give background Information: Review the characters, previous episodes, and talk about where and when the programs are talking place
  • Focus Attention: Alert you child to watch for details, actions and sounds. Ask your child to talk about what is happening on screen and then to retell the episode when it is done.
  • Relate TV Information to the Real World: Identify objects on TV that are the same as at home. Tie events on TV to routines at home and school. Compare characters and settings to people and places your child knows. Talk about the products in commercials.
  • Interpret Events: Explain the actions and behavior of people and animals. Talk about fantasy versus reality.
Using these activities can help make TV time a learning time.