Everday Talking Tips to Encourage Language
  • Keep talking fun
  • Reward and praise your child's communication attempts. It's not necessary to correct child's grammar or pronunciation all the time.
  • Use facial expressions and gestures to help your child understand.
  • Keep your sentences short and simple.
  • Speak slowly and clearly. Repeat for your child if necessary.
  • Emphasize key words you want your child to learn.
  • Repeat main ideas frequently, in as many different ways as possible.
  • Set a good example for your child. Model correct speech. It's not necessary to ask your child to repeat exactly what you say.
  • Give your child enough time to respond. Your child may take a long time to organize thoughts and feelings and put them into words. Avoid the tendency to interrupt or rush your child.
  • Discuss you child's language abilities with your speech and language clinician. Try not to expect too much--or too little--of your child.
  • Avoid placing pressure on your child to talk. Your child may not want to "perform" verbally in front of others.