Communication Disorders and Educational Relevance
In order for a student to receive speech and language services in the public schools, a student must meet specific state eligibility criteria that is established by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Part of the eligibility requirement is to show that the student's educational performance is being affected in one of three areas.

  • ¨ Academic impact
    • Below average grades
    • Inability to complete language-based activities
    • Inability to understand oral directions
  • ¨ Social impact
    • Peers tease the student about the communication problem
    • Student demonstrates embarrassment and/or frustration regarding communication
    • Student demonstrates difficulty interpreting communicative intent
  • ¨ Vocational Impact
    • Inability to understand/follow oral directions
    • Inappropriate response to coworker/supervisor comments
    • Unable to answer/ask questions in a clear, concise manner

There are set state eligibility criteria that I must follow when evaluating a student. If you are interested in those specific criteria, please refer to the following web address: