Marketing and Money



Marketing and Money 

Have you ever asked yourself, "Who doesn't want to be a Millionaire?"  What about, "How do I keep myself from becoming one of the Weakest Links in life?"  Or, "Will my future be in Jeopardy if I don't take school seriously?"  Maybe you haven't asked yourself these exact questions, but in this fun class we will examine these questions and learn about the exciting opportunities available in the world of business. 

Hands-on activities will be done where we’ll learn about the following units: 

  • Becoming your own boss and owning a small business
  • Marketing—why do those corporations want my money?
  • Making a good impression at a summer job interview
  • Building personal wealth—saving and investing in the Stock Market competing in a game against other students
  • Managing a checking account using a simulation
  • Being an educated consumer 
As we learn about these topics we will be covering Wisconsin Personal Finance Standards.