Elementary Keyboarding

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My name is Rae Wellnitz and I am teaching keyboarding at the elementary schools this year.  The district has chosen to move formal keyboarding instruction from the middle school down into elementary school.  Keyboarding will be taught in 3-5 grade.  I will be working with all three elementary schools rotating on a week by week basis.   I am so excited for this opportunity as building proper technique and foundational skills is essential for student success as they are each “digital citizens” in the world they live in both in and outside of school.

The driving force to move keyboarding down to the elementary level this year is the evolution of the standardized test. Much of testing done today is on the computer and students will need to key in their responses to many of the questions.  Also the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Business & Information Technology Standards state: Demonstrate the correct finger placement and reaches. (Recommended minimum: 5 wpm x grade level).

Please encourage your child to key using the home row and all their fingers at home with a keyboard.  If possible, keying 15 minutes twice a week at home will help increase their skill at a much faster pace.  

Links to on-line websites students can go to for practice:

Doorway Text Type

Typing Club


Alpha Attack

Learning Games for Kids

Typing Jets

It is important to encourage good technique at home.  Some good tips are on the following diagram.

The benefits of introducing keyboarding at this time are:

  1. Improvement in the language arts areas—reading, spelling and writing ability.
  2. Improvement in student attitude towards writing, less frustration in looking for keys.
  3. Improvement in the usage of proper keyboarding techniques, eliminating the formation of bad habits.
  4. Improvement in integrating keyboarding with all subject areas.
  5. Improvement in motivating all students towards doing school work.
  6. Improvement in the efficiency of using the computer as a writing, editing and computing tool maximizing classroom time.
  7. Laying the foundation of life long skill in a technological society.

Handouts used in class and newsletter articles are available through the link at the top of this page on the left labeled "Elementary Keyboarding Handouts" and would be good practice at home.